2 Easy Meat Loaf Recipes for People Who Officially Can’t Cook


Meat Loaves are surprisingly easy to make, so they must be the first choice for almost any partners outthere who absolutely fail in kitchen but need to try anyway. You can’t really make a mistake with them, to tell the truth. If youare heading to a Xmas potluck party this year, and youare some of those men who’s likely to create chips, then you should both try among these incredibly easy meat loaf recipes, or simply not go this year. There is never an excellent explanation for taking chips to your potluck party.

Hamburger Meat Loaf Recipe:

– 2 lbs of minced pork meat
– 3.5 oz of cured ham
– 4 eggs
– Sherry (a splash of, not the entire bottle!)
– Breadcrumbs
– Pepper


Whisk the eggs first in a big bowl (don’t worry, we need all the egg not only the white or yolk – just crack them open and do not get any shell in there). Next, include the rest of the stuff. Mix it thoroughly WITH YOUR HANDS. Preheat the range to 360 F (that’s quite substantial, by the way). Remove the mixture into an oven-proof long cake mould and bake for 40 minutes! Done. Which wasnot so bad, now was it. The next you have a bit more preparation work but totally worth it. Do you want for level 2?

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Chicken Loaf:

– 1 lb of minced chicken breast (understand this from the butcher, it’s far too much effort to do it yourself)
– 7 oz of minced beef
– 1 egg
– 1 can of truffles
– 1 small can of pate
– 1 glass of cognac
– Ham
– Salt, pepper and butter


Mix together the many minced meats. Next, add-in the egg, truffles, pate, as well as a dash of cognac (seriously, only a splash, this is simply not supposed to be an alcoholic bowl and there’s a million more things we can make later that DO taste better with a lot of cognac included), as well as a bit salt, pepper, and butter (not too much). Blend with your hands again, but don’t be concerned about things being somewhat uneven – texture is excellent in a meat loaf.

You will need a cake form again, and ensure you butter it before using it as this may definitely adhere to the sides if you don’t. Place a slice or two of ham in the bottom, then place the rest of the mix-in, completing the top layer with another slice of pig.

Bung it in to the oven and prepare for 40 minutes at 360F.