Choosing the Right Air Conditioner for Me

While the expense of home energy consumption continues to climb along side worries about greenhouse gas emissions, deciding on the best airconditioner (AC) requires careful consideration of elements regardless of cooling comfort.

Airconditioners can be found in various types, every one of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.


A ducted AC system is the one that delivers cooling to multiple areas via a number of channels that are typically installed within the roof of the home. This is a more complex program that requires installing a professional and it is more costly than other types of systems.



An evaporative cooling system works by drawing heat in the outside and making it great air inside your home. This is less costly and more energy efficient than a ducted AC program and involves only the companies of the qualified contractor for the installation. This works best in areas with low humidity.


A chilled air conditioning equipment uses the evaporation of the refrigerant liquid to offer cooling. It is the common selection of many families since it features effectively in scorching climate and reduces humidity inside homes.

Reverse cycle

This can be a 2-in-one heating and cooling system that is useful in houses that experience seasonal hot and winter because the reverse cycle product can be used like a cooling and heating system determined by your preferences.

Split type

A split AC system provides cooling comfort using an interior and outdoor unit. The split type is preferred to ducted airconditioners since it is relatively simpler to install. With respect to the measurement of the space you want to great, the split-type system can also be more energy efficient than a window-type air conditioning equipment.

Here are a few considerations when choosing the device that is appropriate foryou:


Mobile evaporative coolers will be the most affordable, followed by window mounted types. Split-type units could cost significantly more than screen and wall types however not as much as the complex ducted air conditioning program which entails a separate price for professional installation.

Energy costs

In Australia, manufacturers have to display the Energy Rating Brand containing a star rating for greenhouse gas emissions and useful information regarding the energy consumption of an airconditioner. Full power consumption is portrayed in kilowatts each hour (KWH) while a top star rating means fewer greenhouse gas emissions. To save on electricity bills, locate a model that displays a low KWH usage.


The cooling capability that will be indicated in kilowatts must be balanced to the measurement of the area. Learn your areais rating to reach in the proper cooling capacity for your AC.

Other factors that will affect your option contain sound levels and machine improvements like the remote control, timer and digital thermostat. Nowadays, choosing the right AC is quick and easy while you can assess technical features and capabilities of several models online.